Kayhan Space is on a mission to bring next-generation automation to satellite operations and spaceflight safety. We are a leader in delivering autonomous safety of flight alerts, notifications, and decision plans directly to satellite operators.

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As the space environment grows more congested, operators will need more precise information and better tools to improve space safety. Autonomous maneuver will be one of those tools to augment operator decisions for dealing with complex debris paths and avoiding collisions with active space objects.
Kayhan has been the key to our confidence in managing the safety of our constellation. Their service is unparalleled in the industry.
Pathfinder raises the bar and lowers the barrier to safe and sustainable space operations. Pathfinder’s intuitive design and functionality facilitates smooth routine screening and COLA operations, with accessibility to operators ranging from recent alumni to seasoned professionals. A must have for new companies entering the commercial space sector starting off with little engineering capital.
Kevin O'Connell
Kevin O'Connell
Former Director of Office of Space Commerce, The Department of Commerce
Former Director of Office of Space Commerce, The Department of Commerce
Guidance, Navigation & Control Manager at a global leader of satellite imagery
Flight Dynamics lead


Our highly-available and reliable automated solutions are designed to help satellite operators focus on their core missions, without having to worry about the safety of their fleet.

We accomplish this by removing delays and errors from the critical response path. This saves time and money for our customers by reducing the response time by more than 95%, optimizing the avoidance maneuvers with the mission critical timelines, minimizing the need for unnecessary maneuvers, and improving the mission output.

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