About us

There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.

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Our mission at Kayhan Space is Making Spaceflight Safer™ by building next-generation autonomous spaceflight safety capabilities.

We are a Colorado-based company that is committed to building an environment where innovation is rewarded, diversity is magnified, and ambition is not throttled.

The Kayhan Space team consists of spaceflight experts with many years of experience in satellite operations supporting NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) missions, combined with software engineers with extensive experience in product development and high-performance cloud computing.

We are skiers, parents, cooks, musicians, campers, geeks, farmers, scientists, and pet lovers. While we may come from different backgrounds and have different opinions or interests, we are united around a common set of core values.


Our core values


At Kayhan Space, we want our employees to be empowered to shoot for the moon! Our company is committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable team where members experience a sense of belonging. We believe these non-negotiables enhance the quality of our relationships with customer, partners, and vendors of all identities and backgrounds to make us a better, more effective organization. After all, we all share the same blue planet!


Integrity is paramount to our success as a company. Telling the truth and providing accurate data is crucial for space operations — otherwise, it can cost lives. Maintaining a high level of transparency allows the Kayhan team to provide an open workplace culture that supports professional growth and development across the organization.

Hard work

We value hustlers who hold themselves accountable and who can think on their feet, as evidenced by our founders’ tireless work ethic! Kayhan employees seek to establish and surpass goals that will allow us to reach new heights.



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Siamak Hesar, PhD

With an extensive technical and scientific expertise in astrodynamics, Siamak has built operational flight dynamics software and has supported multiple space missions as an SSA specialist.

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Araz Feyzi

A developer, technologist, and entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience, Araz has helped disrupt industries through automation and high-performance computing.