Kayhan Space Unveils Pathfinder Classroom - Space Traffic Coordination for Universities

Broomfield, Colorado – March 19, 2024 – Kayhan Space, the leading space analytics and spaceflight safety software provider, today unveiled its new Pathfinder Classroom space traffic coordination (STC) platform, which makes autonomous conjunction assessment and collision mitigation easily accessible to university space programs operating missions in increasingly congested orbits.

Space situational awareness solutions are often an afterthought for most active university space programs throughout the U.S. and the world, primarily because they can be cost-prohibitive for academia. Kayhan Space’s Pathfinder Classroom solves both the priority and expense challenges facing university space operations by offering the latest subscription-based space traffic coordination services, currently used by leading satellite and mission operators, at a fraction of the cost.

Universities can utilize Pathfinder Classroom to assess the real-time safety and threat status of their CubeSat missions automatically and seamlessly implement the mitigation system to actively generate collision avoidance measures and maneuvers.

“The primary objective of our Pathfinder Classroom platform is to keep space safe for everyone by making cutting-edge space traffic management services affordable and top-of-mind among university space programs and students who represent the next generation of space industry leaders,” explained Siamak Hesar, Kayhan Space co-founder and CEO.

The new Kayhan Space Pathfinder Classroom STC solution is inspired by Hesar’s firsthand experience as a student in the University of Southern California’s Astronautics Engineering program. “Space situational awareness is a must-have game changer capability for every commercial, government, and university mission operating in congested orbits. University programs that launch without the ability to effectively assess collision risks on orbit pose a real threat to mission-critical assets in space.”

Kayhan Space collaborated closely with commercial and government space organizations to design and develop Pathfinder Classroom. Insights from across the industry played an instrumental role in outlining the growing need for space traffic coordination capabilities among university space programs, which rely on real-life collaborations for space safety guidance.

“Kayhan Space has opened the door to ensuring our space program is fully capable of flying our satellite missions safely and securely in even the most popular and congested orbits in space,” said David Barnhart, Director of the University of Southern California Space Engineering Research Center. “Our students are privileged to have access to the same space traffic coordination software that is helping to protect some of the most important missions run by many of the largest operators in space today. Providing this as a service to university space programs not only helps predict best orbits prior to launch but instills the importance of assessing the space environment around Earth, as students enter the industry and government to lead future missions.”

Kayhan’s Pathfinder space traffic coordination platform is a scalable and autonomous solution that collects and fuses space object data from various sources, and leverages precise orbit prediction algorithms to determine upcoming conjunction events with high accuracy. The solution also automatically alerts operators of potential threats with actionable and ready-to-execute maneuver plans. The Origins of Kayhan Space Kayhan Space was founded in the U.S. in 2019 when CEO Siamak Hesar and CTO Araz Feyzi, who are longtime friends, and immigrants celebrating over a decade as naturalized U.S. citizens, saw a growing need for the modernization of the space infrastructure and space traffic coordination in congested space.

Hesar, who holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering Sciences from the University of Colorado at Boulder, brings a wealth of aerospace experience, including his time supporting NASA and JPL missions. Feyzi’s professional focus has long been on computers and software. Prior to Kayhan Space, he was a co-founder of Syfer, an internet security company.

The two combined their passions in space and software to form what has quickly become the world’s leading space situational awareness and automation company. Kayhan Space is dedicated to ensuring that the U.S. continues to lead the world in space capabilities and the commercial space sector continues to grow by streamlining and simplifying longstanding manual engineering processes with modern automation technologies.

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About Kayhan Space Kayhan Space Corp. is making spaceflight safer with spaceflight safety software-as-a-service that enables satellite and mission operators to leverage precision data and real-time collaboration capabilities across the industry to anticipate and avoid conjunction events in space. Kayhan’s autonomous tools allow operators to coordinate safe avoidance maneuvers for all spacecraft and operators’ missions by reducing response time to collision events by more than 95%. The risk of a catastrophic collision in orbit is rapidly increasing as the number of satellites bound for space rises ten-fold over the next decade. Kayhan’s next-gen spaceflight safety platform allows operators to run missions with confidence in increasingly busy but important orbits around the Earth. For more information, visit www.kayhan.space.