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Next-generation astrodynamics estimation and orbit simulation software with unparalleled accuracy, speed, and interoperability. Elements' high-fidelity, versatile, and high-performance orbit determination and estimation service delivers precision, performance, and ease of use based on your mission needs.

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Elements delivers next-generation astrodynamics orbit simulation and estimation capability to satellite operators, space analysts, and the broader research community.

Elements is the workhorse of the Kayhan platform, built from the ground up in response to our internal need for fast, scalable, and high-fidelity astrodynamics software.

As a a comprehensive library for high-fidelity propagation and orbit determination (OD), Elements includes various data agnostic OD filters and measurement processing capabilities. Elements' propagation drivers can accurately model the motion of space objects in LEO, GEO, xGEO, Cislunar, and interplanetary space.



Data Agnostic

Elements includes a wide range of data agnostic orbit determination filters. It is capable of processing a variety of observation types, including GPS point solution, GPS pseudo-range and doppler, range and range-rate, angles and angle-rates, passive RF (TDOF/FDOA), among others.


The ability to accurately simulate the orbital motion of space objects is one of the fundamental capabilities in the space industry. Lack of access to modern high-fidelity simulation capabilities is why we have built Elements.


Elements' scalable architecture allows Kayhan to simultaneously simulate and propagate thousands of space objects on an ongoing basis. Now, you can also access this powerful software to take your operations to the next level.


We do not want to dictate what systems you have to work with to access Elements. That is why we have built Elements with maximum interoperability in mind.


Managed API

Elements' scalable, highly-available, and secure cloud-based APIs are a popular way of accessing Elements services.

Cloud UI

Our modern web user interface provides a convenient way to take advantage of Elements capabilities.

Local Deployment

Elements can be deployed locally on Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines, and bare-metal machines in your environment of choice.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Our open-source SDK makes the integration of Elements into existing systems simple and easy.

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Elements open-source SDK is a convenient way to access Elements services programmatically. Integrate Elements services into your operational processes natively, locally, or in-cloud.

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