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The ultimate collection of spaceflight tools and capabilities delivered as a service to satellite operators. Pathfinder provides advanced conjunction assessment and autonomous satellite collision avoidance services.

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Pathfinder delivers powerful foundational spaceflight safety capabilities to satellite operators with a focus on risk management.

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Pathfinder is a comprehensive space situational awareness and spaceflight safety platform that allows satellite operators to effectively track, organize, and manage the risk of conjunctions to their fleet.



Conjunction Notification and Assessment

Pathfinder detects possible conjunctions, actively notifies operators about the upcoming high-risk events, and provides an in-depth conjunction analysis report. Pathfinder supports a growing list of notification options, including SMS, Email, Slack, and Mattermost.

Autonomous Collision Avoidance

If an avoidance maneuver is required to reduce the risk of collision, Pathfinder autonomously generates impulsive, low thrust, and differential drag maneuver options that are safe to perform. Pathfinder-recommended maneuvers are ready to be executed because they are designed to be within operators' physics-based and operational constraints.

Rapid Screening

High-fidelity, rapid, and full-featured screening of trajectories is available against the precise space object catalog or custom element sets. Pathfinder Rapid Screening is capable of performing many vs. many space objects screening. Users can submit maneuver plans, ephemerides, state vectors, TLEs, and SP trajectories to be screened for potential conjunctions.

Space Traffic Coordination

Pathfinder provides the industry-first capability for operators to autonomously coordinate maneuver responsibility and event mitigation status at the machine level, based on user preferences, industry best practices, and rules of the road already endorsed by dozens of satellite operators and space companies.

Pathfinder open-source SDK is a convenient way to access application services programmatically. Integrate Pathfinder services into your operational processes natively, locally, or in-cloud.

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Pathfinder conjunction notification supports email, SMS, and various business messaging apps such as Slack, Mattermost, and Microsoft Teams.

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Pathfinder web interface for satellite operators
Automated ingestion and reporting of 18th SDS CDMs
Conjunction risk assessment reports
Additional probability of collision review & verification
Customizable alert notifications (Slack, email, SMS, and more)
API and SDK access
Automated space traffic coordination with other operators
Optimized maneuver generation engine
Avoidance maneuver recommendations and analysis tools
Maneuver propagation and ephemeris generation
Maneuver screening for safety verification
On-demand conjunction screening service

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