Introducing: Pathfinder™ 3.1!

Kayhan Space’s autonomous space traffic coordination platform is better than ever with a suite of new improvements!

Navigating Pathfinder™ 3.1

Pathfinder 3.1 focuses on enhancing and simplifying key areas of satellite operations, offering teams better visibility of their constellations through more flexible and streamlined workflows.

Heartbeat Notifications Toggle

Operators asked, and we listened!

The new Heartbeat Toggle enables operators to choose how they receive non-critical CDM notifications, opting to receive reports in batches rather than individually.


Screening App Improvements

Pathfinder™ Screener continues to be the ideal tool for satellite operators seeking to lower operational workload by reducing the number of future close approaches caused by maneuvers.

With the new design updates, operators can to submit a Primary <> SP Catalog screening job in little as 5 clicks! The fastest time to submit a screening job in the UI is 8.7 seconds — think you can beat it?


Differential Drag Maneuver Profiles

The 3.1 upgrade comes with enhanced capabilities for Pathfinder™ Pro users. Pathfinder™ Pro now offers LEO operators an additional tool for mitigating conjunction events: differential drag maneuver profiles.

  • Generate both high and low-drag profile maneuvers for active conjunction events
  • Test multiple drag scenarios with one tradespace generation
  • Non-propulsive payloads can now participate in Operator to Operator events

Stay ahead of your missions and optimize fleet operations with Pathfinder™ Pro’s full-scope space traffic coordination suite. Let us show you all of these brand new capabilities — schedule a demo with our team here!

On the Horizon

At Kayhan Space, we’re committed to providing teams operating in orbit with the dynamic and efficient tools that enable them to manage their fleets effectively.

Stay tuned — more exciting enhancements to Pathfinder™ are coming soon!